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Board of Trustees

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The governing board of Danville Area Community College consists of seven voting members who are chosen at large on a nonpartisan basis in public elections held in odd-numbered years. These members serve six-year terms which are staggered. A non-voting student member of the Board is elected by the student body for a one-year term. Board members may not be employees of the College nor have financial interest in College business (Board Policies and Procedures, 1010). The Board of Trustees, composed of community representatives and responsible to the public, has the authority to appoint the President and other administrative personnel, all faculty members, and members of the Board in the case of vacancies.

The Board of Trustees of Danville Area Community College derives its authority from, and is governed by, those articles and sections in an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois creating a Board of Higher Education, approved August 22, 1961, and all subsequent revisions to that Act and the Illinois Public Community College Act approved by the General Assembly on July 15, 1965, and all subsequent revisions to that Act.

Accordingly, the Danville Area Community College Board of Trustees is a body politic and corporate known as "Board of Community College District No. 507, Counties of Vermilion, Edgar, Iroquois, Champaign, and Ford, in the State of Illinois."

Contacting the Trustees:
Trustees may be contacted by email: or by calling (217) 443-8850.

Board Members

David Harby Mr. David W. Harby
Term ends 2023; Required Trustee Leadership Training Completed 6/2/17
Ron Serfoss Dr. Ronald E. Serfoss
Term ends 2019
William Black Mr. William B. Black
Term ends 2021
Tracy Cherry Ms. Tracy Cherry
Term ends 2019
Terry Hill Mr. Terry T. Hill
Term ends 2023; Required Trustee Leadership Training Completed 6/2/17
John Spezia Mr. John Spezia
Term ends 2023; Required Trustee Leadership Training Completed 8/15/17
Greg Wolfe Mr. Greg Wolfe
Term ends 2019
Addison Wise, Student Trustee Addison Wise
Student Trustee
Term runs 4/15/18 - 4/14/19
Dr. Stephen Nacco Dr. Stephen Nacco
Voice: 217.443.8850
Fax: 217.443.8587
Tammy Betancourt Mrs. Tammy Betancourt
Voice: 217.443.8778
Fax: 217.443.8589
Kerri Thurman Mrs. Kerri Thurman
Voice: 217.443.8850
Fax: 217.443.8587


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