Assessment Resource Center

Assessment Resource Center

Department/Office Assessment Report
       Department/Office Assessment examples

General Education Outcomes - information pertaining to these "core skills"
        Communications Rubric
        Critical Thinking Rubric
        Critical Thinking Framing Document
        Technology Rubric
        Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Rubric

Program Level Assessment Report
Closing the Loop Assessment Report

Program Outcomes/Competencies/Measurement template
         Outcome/Competency Definitions and Examples

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Course Student Learning Outcomes
       October 2016 Faculty Reference Sheet

Credit Hour Review

Due Dates

Department/Office Assessment Reports due April 15

General Education Outcome rubrics from department selected courses due November 1 (Cultural Awareness 2018, Communications 2019, Critical Thinking 2020, Technology 2021)

Program Level Assessment and Closing the Loop Reports due from all academic departments May 1

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