Assessment Champions

Assessment Champions

What is the role and function of an Assessment Champion?

  • To spend three (3) hours per week assisting full-time and part-time faculty in understanding the value of assessment of student learning;
  • To identify within each program area of your division a leader who will work with faculty colleagues in their respective program area in the development of course-and program-level assessment reports;
  • To ensure that all full and part-time faculty meet all deadlines set forth by the Assessment Calendar, which is established on July 1 each year and distributed to faculty by August 15 of that same year;
  • To work with the part-time faculty of the division and establish a standard course-level assessment tool that can be used by PT faculty within their program area;
  • To tailor the assessment of student learning reporting process to the needs of your dynamic academic divisions.

These tasks and responsibilities have been designed to help you navigate through the assessment of student learning process as it currently operates within your respective divisions. Additions to this list of responsibilities will change as you begin to work in your respective academic areas and begin to fully understand the role and impact assessment has on your unique level of curricula.

DACC's Assessment Champions

  • Dr. Abby Hahne: Director of Academic and Institutional Assessment
  • Ryan Wyckoff: Champion, Liberal Arts and Developmental Education
  • Dr. Wendy Brown: Champion, Math and Sciences
  • Emily Crain & Jen Slavik: Champions, Business and Technology

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