Grade Exclusion

Grade Exclusion


Request for Grade Exclusion

After a minimum of two years and evidence of substantial grade improvement, a student may request that previously earned grades be disregarded in the calculation of their DACC cumulative grade point average. The student may apply through their Academic Advisor, Counselor, or Division Chairperson to the Vice President for Instruction for the Grade Exclusion.

Grade Exclusion Guidelines

  • Grade Exclusion shall mean that all grades and credits earned in one or more selected semesters shall not be used in calculating the student's cumulative grade point average or be used in meeting certificate or degree requirements.
  • Prior to requesting a Grade Exclusion, the student must have earned a minimum of twelve semester credit hours with a grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale) or higher.
  • Selected semesters for Grade Exclusion consideration must have been completed a minimum of two years prior to the semester or semesters of substantial grade improvement.
  • Only those semesters resulting in a majority of "D" and "F" grades will be considered for Grade Exclusion.
  • Any grade and/or credit excluded through the Grade Exclusion procedure will remain on the student's official DACC transcript and will be used by most four year universities or colleges in recalculating the student's GPA for admission or degree completion purposes.
  • Be advised that this Grade Exclusion procedure is not relevant to the financial aid requirement that must count all credit hours attempted at DACC for aid eligibility purposes.