Timyra Carter

Timyra Carter


Timyra Carter enjoys telling patients that her initials are TLC. As Patient Care Coordinator, or Charge Nurse, for the third floor medical/surgical unit at Provena USMC, this DACC alumnus has many opportunities to practice her specialty.

Timyra feels she got a great nursing education at DACC, and the supportive atmosphere helped her get through the program. “Your fellow students form your family. You study together, pray together, and support one another,” she remembered. “The faculty provides the information necessary to be successful, but they also offer support and become part of the family.

The program is designed to nurture critical thinking, organization, and the ability to prioritize duties and goals. DACC taught me assessment skills that are very important, especially on a surgical unit.

It’s a valuable program for the community. It’s affordable, convenient, rigorous, and it provides an opportunity to learn and work in the community. I’m proud to be a DACC graduate!