Alana Tinsley

Alana Tinsley

Secondary Education

DACC alum Alana Tinsley made the most of her time at Danville Area Community College. As a first-generation college student, her college career meant a great deal to her and her family. Now, as a Health teacher at Danville High School and sponsor of the Y-Teens public service organization for high school students, she uses her talents and experiences to encourage future college graduates.

While attending DACC, Alana worked in the Admissions office and was selected as a cheerleader. Never having been a cheerleader before, the experience was new and exciting. Through these experiences she met many of her fellow students. As a sophomore, she represented the opinions of the student body on the Board of Trustees as the Student Trustee. “The College helped me to develop a strong work ethic as well as to grow as a young adult,” she remembered.

Alana chose DACC because it was cost-efficient. “I realized that I would save a lot of money and earn the same degree as everyone else. I also knew that it would be a great start and I would be able to get my general education courses done in two years. " After studying Secondary Education at DACC, Alana transferred to Northern Illinois University where she switched her emphasis from Math to Health and received her Bachelor of Science in Education. She is currently working on a Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Eastern Illinois University while working full time. She hopes to become a high school principal and academic counselor in the future.

The choice to transfer from DACC to NIU was a good one for Alana. “The faculty and staff at DACC were very welcoming and always there to help. I was able to continue my educational career at NIU with no problems or debt.” Alana also feels that the smaller class sizes at DACC helped her accomplish her goals. “The smaller community allowed me to feel valued and I knew that I was not just a number. Going to DACC meant a lot to me.”