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Grade Disputes & Appeals

    The Grievance Resolution Procedure does not apply when students are disputing a course grade given by an instructor. Both the Higher Learning Commission and the Illinois Community College Board consider the grading and the assessment of student learning as the responsibility of the faculty member who is with the student every course session. If a student disputes their course grade, they must first meet with the faculty member. If there is no satisfactory resolution, the student may then meet with the respective Division Dean followed by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services. Following the recommendations from these meetings, the student may request in writing that a Grade Appeal Panel consisting of the Instructor, the Division Dean, a second Academic representative, and the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services will meet to consider the grade appeal. The decision of this panel is final concerning any and all grade disputes and appeals. Students must appeal a grade within 30 days after the grade has been issued by the instructor.


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