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Drug Prevention Program


    Each student of the College receives a written notice of the Policy Statement regarding a drug-free learning environment, which includes the penalties for violating the policy. Each student is made aware that information regarding the dangers of alcohol and drug use/abuse in the campus community and alcohol and drug abuse counseling and rehabilitation is available. Each student is notified that he/she must abide by the Policy Statement.

     A student who violates any aspect of the Policy Statement will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including loss of financial aid, expulsion, and/or referral for prosecution. Additionally, if deemed appropriate by the College under the particular circumstances, a student may be required to participate in and complete a substance abuse or rehabilitation program to the satisfaction of the College.



    Danville Area Community College works to maintain a drug-free workplace and learning environment for all college employees and students. The College has established an education and training program in an effort to ensure that all College individuals are aware of issues regarding alcohol and drug use/abuse in the campus community including:

  1. The dangers
  2. The policy of the College regarding a drug-free workplace and learning environment.
  3. The availability of alcohol and drug counseling and rehabilitation programs.
  4. The penalties that may be imposed upon students for alcohol and drug abuse violations.

    Through this program of providing every student with the information listed above, as well as alcohol/drug education and training programs and related programs, the College is making a good-faith effort to maintain a drug-free learning environment.

    Danville Area Community College also provides information and referral services about alcohol and drug abuse for students and employees. Information about the effects of alcohol and drugs is available in the Advisement & Counseling Department (in Lincoln Hall).


Alcohol/Drug Treatment Centers in the Community:

ABCs Inc.
16 West Madison Street
Danville, IL
(217) 443-1989
New Directions Treatment Center
153 North Vermilion Street
Danville, IL
(217) 442-9026
Alcoholics Anonymous
613 1/2 W Madison St
Danville, IL
(217) 443-2039
119 North Vermilion Street
Danville, IL
(217) 443-9190
Hoopeston Multi-Agency
201 S. First Avenue
Hoopeston, IL 60942-1839
(217) 283-5544
Prairie Center Health Systems
128 N. Vermilion St.
Danville, IL 61832
(217) 477-4500
Pathways at Siefert Counseling Center
120 North Vermilion Street
Danville, IL
(217) 443-9511
Veterans Affairs Illiana Healthcare System
1900 E. Main Street, Ward 103 2
Danville, IL 61832
(217) 554-4177



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