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Student Communications

    There are several methods for communicating items of interest and importance on campus. The college bulletin boards, located in the main corridor of each building, are used to post upcoming campus events and important notices. Students should make it a habit to check the bulletin boards frequently. Students who have information they would like to post should bring the material to the second floor of Vermilion Hall to obtain the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services’ approval to post.

    Other important communication links are the College Center Electronic Message Board, located in the dining area, the college marquee located at the front entrance of DACC, and the Student News, a college publication which is distributed monthly.

     All printed materials must have approval of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services prior to distribution on campus. It should be clearly understood that printed materials distributed by persons or parties on the DACC campus reflect their opinion and not necessarily those of the College. Any false facts, slanderous or libelous statements contained in such printed matter are the sole legal responsibility of the individual writer(s) or editor(s) of the publication, and they are directly answerable for the contents of such printed matter, should the contents be challenged.

    Information for the electronic message boards must be submitted to the Instructional Media center in the lower level of Clock Tower.


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