Student Financial Aid & Veteran's Educational Benefits


Fall 2014 Appeal Deadline is 8/8/2014, Appeals submitted after this date will be considered for Spring 2015 classes only.


First date to charge books to financial aid funds for Fall 2014 ,


Have your schedule and a photo ID with you.

 Last priority date to apply for a Stafford loan for Fall 2014,


 Last date to charge books to financial aid for Fall 2014:


 Earliest date Stafford Loan Proceeds are disbursed for Fall 2014:


Loan Proceed Checks are mailed to your home, no exceptions
(keep your address updated with our Records Office).

Financial Aid Refunds (including Pell) for Fall 2014 will be disbursed on:

9/12/2014 (max $300.00) and 10/17/2014 for remaining credit balances.

Not all student aid recipients will have a refund, some may have none. Students should check their

JaguarSpot online account for billing and financial aid information.

    Your refund will be the credit amount on your account once tuition, fees, books and supplies (as applicable) are deducted. Refund checks are mailed to your home, no exceptions(keep your address updated with our Records Office).

    Satisfactory Academic Progress checked for Fall 2014 and notices sent to students 12/19/2014.

Important: Do not miss out on student aid eligibility by missing deadlines!

Apply each award year for Federal and State student aid programs.


Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP)
Suspension of MAP Award Announcements for 2014/15 Effective February 28, 2014.

   Please note: Not all students who apply for student aid are eligible for it and to be considered for the MAP grant program you, as an Independent student, must have resided in Illinois one year prior to the start of the upcoming fall term (8/18/14) . If you are a dependent student the parent's whose information was required on the FAFSA must be a current Illinois resident.*