College Express

College Express

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Middle College

Thriving in Challenging Times

This program consists mainly of career courses. Students enrolled in one of these programs can expect to earn up to sixteen (16) credit hours toward an associate degree or certificate.

What Does It Cost?

Tuition, fees, books, and most transportation costs are FREE to the students/families; high school districts pay these expenses for the students.

What Do I Have To Do to Enroll?

Students enroll in a College Express program during the traditional course selection period at their high school.

When and Where Are My Classes?

College Express courses are held weekdays on the DACC campus.

For more information about the College Express program, students should contact their high school guidance counselor, the DACC Partnership for College & Career Success Program office, at 217-443-8582, or the Vermilion Vocational Education Delivery Service (VVEDS) office, at 217-443-8742.

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