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Admin. Data Sys.

Name Email Phone Office Title
Colwell, Kim kcolwell@dacc.edu   443-8769   VH-105   Director, Administrative Data Systems  
Pollitt, Brian bpollitt@dacc.edu   443-8854   VH-104   Programmer/DataBase Administrator, MIS  
Sawyer, Matt msawyer@dacc.edu   443-8881   VH-103   Computer Support/Programmer  

Administrative Services

Name Email Phone Office Title
Calvert, Joseph    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Cunningham, Mike mcunningham@dacc.edu   217-443-8831   VH-116   Director, Administrative Services  
Curtis, Larry lcurtis@dacc.edu   217-443-8870   OF   Maintenance Mechanic  
Fegett, Greg gfegett@dacc.edu   443-8888   LH-007   Safety and Security Supervisor  
Frerichs, Ron    443-8866   LH   Building Services Attendant/Setup Technician  
Gillespie, Denise dgillespie@dacc.edu   443-8866   LH   Building Services Attendant  
Goodhue, Jr., Lawrence lgoodhue@dacc.edu   443-8866   LH   Building Services Attendant  
Harper, Julie    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Hart, Richard    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Haynes, Darrin dhaynes@dacc.edu   443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Hill, Stan shill@dacc.edu   443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Jumps, Michael mjumps@dacc.edu   443-8832   OF   Director of Maintenance and Facilities  
Martin, Bruce bmartin1@dacc.edu   443-8888   LH-007   2nd Shift Security Officer  
Miller, Jennifer jkappes@dacc.edu   217-443-8866   LH   Building Services Attendant  
Modglin, Timothy tmodglin@dacc.edu   443-8851   LH/MM-150   Bldg Services Attendant  
Morris, Garry gmorris@dacc.edu   443-8870   OF   Maintenance Mechanic  
Myers, James jmyers@dacc.edu   217-443-8870   OF   Maintenance Mechanic  
Rhea, Donna    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Spiering, Sondra    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Stamper, Carol    443-8866   LH   Bldg Services Attendant  
Stewart, Ron    443-8870   OF   Maintenance Mechanic  
Strawser, Robert grounds@dacc.edu   443-8870   OF   Groundskeeper/Painter  
Tuggle, Brandon btuggle@dacc.edu   443-8870   OF   Maintenance Mechanic  
Waller, Michael mwaller@dacc.edu   443-8888   LH-007   Part-time Security Office  

Admissions and Registration

Name Email Phone Office Title
Arlington, Margareta marling@dacc.edu   443-8802   VH-109   Office Specialist, Admissions  
Doss, Becky rdoss@dacc.edu   443-8896   VH-109   Office Specialist, Information/Receptionist, Admissions & Records  
Gentrup, Mary Jo mgentrup@dacc.edu   443-8797   VH-109   Office Specialist, Admissions and Records  
Peck, Cindy cpeck@dacc.edu   443-8803   VH-108   Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar  
Walter, Sheila swalter@dacc.edu   443-8800   VH-109   Office Specialist, Admissions  

Adult Ed

Name Email Phone Office Title
Escamilla, Melissa mescamilla@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Guidry, Debbie dguidry@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Keck, Wayne wkeck@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Korte, Larry lkorte@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Landers, Susan slanders@dacc.edu   443-8784   PH-104   Assessment Retention Counselor  
Leary, Kathleen kleary@dacc.edu   217-443-8585   PH-112   Coordinator, Accelerating Opportunities/ INAM Project Lead  
Linares, Maria mlinares@dacc.edu         Campus Services Coordinator/ Assistant Baseball Coach  
Orlea, Stacy sorlea@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Pruitt, Deborah dpruitt@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Roberson, Mary Catherine mroberson1@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Roberson, Mary mroberson@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Scott, Stephen sscott@dacc.edu   443-8782   PH-119   Office Assistant, Adult Education  
Timm, Jean jean.timm@hotmail.com         Part-Time Faculty Ae General  
Williams, Laura lwms@dacc.edu   443-8878   PH-118   Director, Adult Education  

Adult Ed/CNA

Name Email Phone Office Title
Dillman, Sharon sdillman@dacc.edu   443-8882   PH-109   Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant, Adult Education  
Harris, Angela aharris@dacc.edu   217-443-8868   PH-109   Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant, Adult Education  
Robertson, Chris crobertson@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Cna  
Tedrick, Nancy nancyrn09@att.net         Part-Time Faculty Cna  
Wright, Marcia mwright1@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Cna  

Adult Ed/Literacy

Name Email Phone Office Title
Heatherton, Scott sheather@dacc.edu   443-8785   PH-116   Literacy Coord  

Assessment Center

Name Email Phone Office Title
Isaac, Sarah sisaac@dacc.edu   443-8708   CH   Assessment Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment Center  
Kilgore, Kalie kkilgore@dacc.edu   443-8775   CH-123   Data Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness  
Mattson, Robert rmattson@dacc.edu   443-8856   CH-121   Director, Institutional Effectiveness  
Miles, Jessica jmiles@dacc.edu   554-1687   CH-122   Data Analyst  
Rudolph, Lisa lkirkpatrick@dacc.edu   443-8708   CH   Coordinator, Assessment & Academic Services  

Athletices (Soccer)

Name Email Phone Office Title
Bunton, Tim tbunton@dacc.edu   443-8551   MM-124A   Director, Athletics  
Cervantes, Matthew mcervantes@dacc.edu   443-8551   MM   Coordinator of Career & Special populations/Head Women's Softball Coach   
Gouard, DaJuan dgouard@dacc.edu   217-443-8807   MM-124   Athletic Eligibility and Outreach Coordinator; Head Men's Basketball Coach  
O'Brien, Kyle          Asst Coach-Track & X-Country  
Strebin, Dave dstrebin@dacc.edu         Coach - Softball  
Vavro, Matthew mvarvo@dacc.edu   217-443-8810/8748   MM-129/LH-104D   Head Coach Women's Basketball/Academic Advisor   
Williaman, Susan          Coach - Cheerleading  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Appleby, Karen kappleby@dacc.edu   443-8567   MM-Fitness Center   Fitness Center Assistant  
Girard, Gail gchase@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Pe/Health  
Klett, Brian bklett@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Pe/Health  
Peters, Andrew apeters@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Pe/Health  
Prunkard, Lindsey lprunkard@dacc.edu   443-8576   MM-Fitness Center   Fitness Center Assistant  
Rohrbach, Brian brohrbach@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Pe/Health  
Todd, Barb    443-8567   MM Fitness Center   Fitness Center Assistant  
Witherspoon, Fabienne fwitherspoon@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Pe/Health  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Sherman, Cheyenne 1380mgr@follett.com   217-443-8759   LH-009   Coordinator, Follett Bookstore  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Springer, Angela aspringer@dacc.edu   554-2496   LH-109   Instructor, Accounting  
Crain, Emily ealexander@dacc.edu   443-8826   LH-209   Instructor, Economics, Business  
Downing, Steve sdowning@dacc.edu         Part Time Faculty, Business  
Dudley, Vivian vdudley@dacc.edu   443-8847   LH-209   Professor, Marketing  
Fink, Brian bfink@dacc.edu   443-8581   LH-109   Instructor, Business/Accounting  
Kerins, Dr. Andrew akerins@dacc.edu   (217)443-8578   TC-125   Instructor, Sustainability  
Milam, Candice cmilam@dacc.edu   217-443-8741   LH-207   Instructor, Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Conklin, Lara lconklin@dacc.edu   443-8798   VH-217   Director, Marketing & College Relations  
Cornell, Chris ccornell@dacc.edu   443-8768   VH-217   Adm Asst Dir Marketing  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Cornell, Michelle mcornell@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Florek, Lourdine publish@justhefacts.net         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Habben, Judy Jhabben@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Jones, Vicki vjones@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Lucas, Dwight dlucas@dacc.edu   443-8658   LH-216   Instructor, Graphic Design  
Martin, Christine cmartin@dacc.edu   443-8872   LH-208   Instructor, Office Systems  
Myers, Paulette pmyers@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Pearman, Rita rpearman@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Satterwhite, Marilyn msatter@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Slavik, Jennifer jslavik@dacc.edu   443-8824   LH-208   Instructor, Office Systems  
True, Holly htrue@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  
Wolfinbarger, Kristin kwolfinbarger@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Off Systems  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Jun, Dr. Benjamin bjun@dacc.edu   443-8706   TC-156   Instructor, Electronics  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Andrews, Jane janeb@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Info Systems  
Franklin, Kathleen kfranklin@dacc.edu   443-8788   TC-136   Instructor, Information Systems  
Wise, Jeffrey jwise@dacc.edu   443-8882   TC   Instructor, Information Systems  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Blue, John jblue@dacc.edu   554-1514   OH-109   Greenhouse Technician, Greenhouse  
Krabbe, Amanda akrabbe@dacc.edu   443-8793   OH   Faculty Landscaping/Orn Hort  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Barlet, Jim jbarlet@dacc.edu   443-8884   TC-105E   Faculty Mfg/Hvac  
Gordon, Mike mgordon@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Mfg/Hvac  
Hunter, Doug dhunter@dacc.edu   217-554-1501   TC-159   Instructor, Mechatronics  
Hutton, Jeff jhut@dacc.edu   443-8703   TC   Instructor, Occupation/Manufacturing Technology  
Waggaman, Sharon waggaman@dacc.edu   443-8789   TC-105D   Faculty Mfg/Hvac  
Wright, Frank fwright@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Mfg/Hvac  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Sherman, Don dsherman1@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Welding  
Skinner, Robert bskinner@dacc.edu   443-8791   TC-104B & 113   Instructor, Welding  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Osborne, Lisa losborne@dacc.edu   443-8787   TC-133   Administrative Assistant, Business & Technology Division  
Rape, Bruce brape@dacc.edu   443-8786   TC-132   Dean, Business & Technology Division  

Business and Technology

Name Email Phone Office Title
Shepard, Jr., Charles cshepard@dacc.edu   443-8825   TC   Instructor, Auto Mechanics,  
Shutes, Michael mshutes@dacc.edu   443-8825   TC   Instructor, Auto Mechanics  
Smoot, Nathan nsmoot@dacc.edu   443-8895   TC   Instructor, Auto Body  

Business Office

Name Email Phone Office Title
Biesecker, Christina tbies@dacc.edu   443-8763   VH-116   Adm Asst Finance & Admin  
Clark-Betancourt, Tammy tbetancourt@dacc.edu   443-8778   VH-223   Chief Financial Officer  

Business Office

Name Email Phone Office Title
Bolton, Johna jbolton@dacc.edu   443-8766   VH-112   Office Spec Accts Payable  
Hacker, Margaret mhacker@dacc.edu   443-8592   VH-113   Accounts Receivable Specialist  
Knight, Debra dknight@dacc.edu   443-8865   VH-116   Controller  
McClintock, Julie jmcclintock@dacc.edu   443-8767   VH-112   Cashier, Business Office  
Neff, Carol cneff@dacc.edu   443-8575   VH-112   Office Specialist, Payroll  

Campus Services

Name Email Phone Office Title
Hicks, Clayton chicks@dacc.edu   443-8774   LH-015   Coordinator, Campus Services-Asst Coach-Baseball  
Weaver, Brad bweaver@dacc.edu   443-8773   LH-014   Supervisor, Campus Services & Graphics  

Career Services

Name Email Phone Office Title
Boyd, Carla cboyd@dacc.edu   443-8593   LH-104I   Director, Career and Employment Services/Coordinator, Student Support Services/TRIO  
McBride, Kellie kmcbride@dacc.edu   (217)443-8597   LH-104   Office Assitant  

Child Dev. Ctr.

Name Email Phone Office Title
Crosby, Tiffany    554-1531   CDC   Food Service Attendant CDC  
Dailey, Kristin kdailey@dacc.edu   217-443-8717   CDC   Teaching Associate, Child Development Center  
Forthenberry, Shanna sforthenberry@dacc.edu   443-8716   CDC   Teaching Associate, Child Development Center  
Garver, Stacy sgarver@dacc.edu   443-8714   CDC   Teaching Associate, Child Development Center  
Nasser, Ana anasser@dacc.edu   443-8833/443-1333   CDC   Director, Child Development Center  
Rothwell, Amy ascudera@dacc.edu   443-8886   CDC   Off Coord/Teach Aide CDC  
Stout, Melissa mhollings@dacc.edu   443-8712   CDC   Teaching Associate, Child Development Center  
Williams, Emily ekinnett@dacc.edu   554-1686   CDC   Teaching Associate, Child Development Center  

College Express

Name Email Phone Office Title

College Express

Name Email Phone Office Title
Asaad, Jason jasaad@dacc.edu   443-8780   CH-120   TRIO Academic Advisors  
Hightower, Brennon bhightower@dacc.edu   217-443-8898   CH-120   TRiO Academic Advisor  
Huerta, Shanay shuerta@dacc.edu   443-8860   CH-118   Director, TRIO & Student Success Center  
Squires, Vicki vsquires@dacc.edu   443-8862   CH-113   Off Asst Student Support Srvs  

College Express/Culinary Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Stewart, Donna          Part-Time Faculty- Culinary Arts  

Computer Services

Name Email Phone Office Title
Barnes, Mark mbarnes@dacc.edu   217-443-8871   TC-137   Director, Computer Network and End User Services  
Frost, Vince vfrost@dacc.edu   443-8710   TC-116   Computer and Network Technician  
Yonke, Naomi nyonke@dacc.edu   443-8861   TC-137B   Computer & Network Specialist  

Corporate and Community Education

Name Email Phone Office Title
Hall, Diane dhall@dacc.edu   443-8779   BC-134   Part-time  
Perry, Andy aperry@dacc.edu   554-1635   BC-134   Director, Corporate and Community Education  
Yates, Stephanie syates@dacc.edu   217-554-1628   BC-131   Coordinator, Cutomized Training  

Corporate and Community Education

Name Email Phone Office Title
Hensgen, Laura lhensgen@dacc.edu   554-1668   Mall   Coordinator, Continuing Education, Corporate & Community Education  
Marruffo, Peggy pmarruffo@dacc.edu   217-443-8562   BC-134   Office Specialist Corporate & Community Education  
Sconce, Leslie lsconce@dacc.edu   554-1667   VM   Office Specialist, Corporate and Community Education  

Corporate and Community Education

Name Email Phone Office Title
Crook, James jcrook@dacc.edu   554-1626   BC   Instructor, Culinary Arts  
Wheeler, Dana dwheeler@dacc.edu   554-1626   BC   Instructor, Culinary Arts  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Dunn, Jeanne jdunn@dacc.edu   443-8750   LH-104   Administrative Assistant, Counseling & Advisement  
Ehmen, Stacy stacy@dacc.edu   443-8746   LH-104H/VH-109   Dean, Student Services  
Maul, Amie amaul@dacc.edu   443-8745   LH-104   Academic Advisor, Counseling and Academic Advisement  
Morgan, Timothy tmorgan@dacc.edu   443-8804   LH-104   Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist  
Musk, Amie amaul@dacc.edu   217-443-8745   LH-104   Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist  
Potts, Stephane spotts@dacc.edu   443-8749   LH-104A   Director of Counseling & Transfer Articulation  
Primmer, Jeff jprimmer@dacc.edu   443-8594   LH-104E   Counselor, Student Services  

Danville CC

Name Email Phone Office Title
Adkins, Joseph fgrgtwn@me.com   217-446-0441 x352   DCC   Instructor, Custodian Maintenance/Danville Correctional Center  
Bennett, Josh    446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Construction/Danville Correctional Center  
Glass, Jr., Joe jglass@dacc.edu   446-0441 ext. 306   DCC   Instructor, Custodial Maintenance, Danville Correctional Center  
Harris, David dharris@dacc.edu   446-0441/352   DCC   Director, Educational Programs Danville Correctional Center  
Henderson, Timothy    446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Auto Technology, Danville Correctional Center  
Hicks, Molly mhicks@dacc.edu   446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Horticulture/Danville Correctional Center  
Holloway, Aridiah aholloway@dacc.edu   446-0441 ext. 365   DCC   Instructor, Job Preparedness/Danville Correctional Center  
Roark, Douglas    446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Auto, Danville Correctional Center  
Roarke, Douglas droark@dacc.edu   217-446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Auto/Danville Correctional Center  
Scott, Stephen sscott@dacc.edu   217-446-0441   DCC   Office Assistant, Educational Programming  
Scott, Robert rscott@dacc.edu   446-0441   DCC   Instructor, Horticulture/Danville Correctional Center  

Financial Aid

Name Email Phone Office Title
Catlett, Nicholas ncatlett@dacc.edu   443-8864   VVH-110   Office Specialist, Financial Aid  
Courchesne, Rebecca rcourchesne@dacc.edu   443-8761   VH-110   Office Specialist, Financial Aid  
Ingargiola, Janet jingarg@dacc.edu   443-8760   VH-111   Director, Financial Aid  
McNeal, Candace cmcneal@dacc.edu   443-8891   VH-110   Assistant Director, Financial Aid  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Davis, Gina gdavis@dacc.edu   443-8893   VH   Office Assistant, Foundation  
Davis, Georgina gdavis@dacc.edu   443-8893   VH   Office Assitant, Foundation  
Dreher, Sandy sdreher@dacc.edu   443-8843   VH-209   Office Manager, Foundation  
Wahlfeldt, Tracy twahlfeldt@dacc.edu   443-8772   VH-218   Executive Director, DACC Foundation and Grant Development  

Grants and Planning

Name Email Phone Office Title
Bayard, Patrick pbayard@dacc.edu   443-8776   VH   Director, Grants and Planning  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Shreeves, Linda lshreeves@dacc.edu   443-8830   LH-013   Graphic Center Technician, Graphics  

Hoopeston Extension

Name Email Phone Office Title
Coon, Karla kcoon@dacc.edu   217-283-4170   Hoopeston Extension   Director, Hoopeston Extension Site  
Morts, Kendra kmorts@dacc.edu   217-283-4171   Hoopeston Extension   Office Assistant, Hoopeston Extension Site  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Cranmore, Jill jcranmore@dacc.edu   443-8756   VH-211   Director, Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer  
Keener, Nancy nkeener@dacc.edu   443-8757   VH-210   Administrative Assitant, Human Resources  
Padjen, Paulina ppadjen@dacc.edu   217-443-8836   VH-210   HR Generalist  

Instruction Office

Name Email Phone Office Title
Hargrove, Ashley ahargrove@dacc.edu   443-8870   LH-202   Administrative Assistant, Vice-President of Instruction  
Kietzmann, Dave dkietz@dacc.edu   443-8771   VH-202   VP Instruction & Student Svcs  

Instructional Media

Name Email Phone Office Title
Rush, Jeff jrush@dacc.edu   443-8557   CT-004   Telecom/Audio Visual Tech  
Spors, Jonathan jspors@dacc.edu   443-8577   CT-004   Director, Instructional Media  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Hensgen, Brian bhensgen@dacc.edu   442-0296, ext. 111   JTP   Executive Director, Job Training Partnership  
Jett, Jonathan jjett@dacc.edu   442-0296, ext 104.   JTP   Assistant Director, Job Training Partnership  
Jones, Harles cjones@dacc.edu   442-0296, ext. 105   JTP   Coordinator, Special Grants, Job Training Partnership  
Smith, April asmith@dacc.edu   442-0296 ex: 110   JTP   Career Specialist/Case Manager Workforce Investment Act   

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Alvarez, Kelly kalvarez@dacc.edu   443-1532   CT215   Instructor- Early Childhood/College Express  
Davis, Gladys gdavis@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Early Childh  
Patterson, Terry tpatterson@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Early Childh  
Thomason, Kim kkthome@peoplepc.com         Part-Time Faculty Early Childh  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Denhart, Michael mdenhart@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Crim Just  
McFadden, Jane jmcfaddn@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Crim Just  
Williams, Rickey rwilliams1@dacc.edu   443-8730   CT-218   Instructor- Crim Justice/College Express  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
High, Sr., John jhigh@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Fire Science  
Sparks, Jerome jsparks@dacc.net         Part-Time Faculty Fire Science  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Frerichs, Rita rfrerichs1@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Social Scien  
Gregory, Tom tgregory@vercount.org         Part-Time Faculty Social Scien  
Hantz, Dr. Charles chantz@dacc.edu   443-8700   CT203   Professor, Social Science  
Hynes, Tony thynes@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Social Scien  
Kleppin, Michael mkleppin@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Social Scien  
Miller, Maurice mmiller@dacc.edu   554-1526   CT-207   Instructor, Psychology  
Milligan, Dan milligan@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Social Scien  
Pate, Richard rpate@dacc.edu   443-8838   CT-217B   Lead Professor, Social Sciences  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Berthel, Dr. Jamie jberthel@dacc.edu   443-8725   CT-214   Professor, Rhetoric, Liberal Arts Division  
Boling, Glenda gboling@dacc.edu   554-1536   CT-216   Professor, Speech  
Davis, Stefanie sdavis@dacc.edu   554-1537   CT-214   Instructor, Rhetoric  
Duckett, Greg gduckett@dacc.edu         P/T Faculty - Communications  
Gallagher, Edward egal@dacc.edu   554-1525   CT-217A   Instructor, Communications  
Green, Tamon hylyter@yahoo.com         P/T Faculty - Communications  
Jarmer, Marla mjarmer@dacc.edu   443-8820   CT-114   Instructor, Rhetoric/Director, Phi Theta Kappa  
Reed, Dan dreed@dacc.edu         P/T Faculty - Communications  
Small, Priscilla psmall@dacc.edu         P/T Faculty - Communications  
Steffen, Judy jsteffen@dacc.edu         P/T Faculty - Communications  
Wyckoff, Ryan rwyckoff@dacc.edu   443-8727   CT-216   Faculty, Communications  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Ballard, Louis lballard@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Brosi, David dbrosi@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Brown, Roland rbrown@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Gallagher, Todd tgallagher@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Hantz, Kathy khantz@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Holden, Dr. Gregory gholden@dacc.edu   443-8841   CT-207   Instructor, Philosophy  
Johnson, Ronald rjohnson@dacc.edu   217-443-8869   CT-203   Instructor, Art, Liberal Arts  
Minier, Ryan rminier@dacc.edu   217-443-8839   CT-218   Instructor, Spanish, Liberal Arts  
Nixon, Roxanna rnixon@dacc.edu         Part-Time Instructor-Spanish  
Simonson, Dr. Eric simonson@dacc.edu   443-8728   CT-201   Professor, Music  
Solon, Tom tpsolon@aol.com         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Turner, Judy jturner@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  
Wicoff, Mary mwicoff@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Arts/Humanit  

Liberal Arts

Name Email Phone Office Title
Aguirre, Suzanna saguirre@dacc.edu   443-8724   CT-217   Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts  
McConnell, Dr. Penny pmcconn@dacc.edu   443-8747   CT-212   Dean, Liberal Arts and Library Services  

Liberal Arts College Express

Name Email Phone Office Title
Brown, Wesley wbrown1@dacc.edu   217-443-8876   PH-203   Student Dev./Middle College Adv., Student Serv./Adult Ed.  
Eltzeroth, Ron reltzeroth@dacc.edu         Instructor-Psyc/Socy/College Express  
Kinder, Ava akinder@dacc.edu   217-443-8876   PH-203   Middle College Coordinator/Adult Ed  
Scruggs, Jimmy jscruggs@dacc.edu   217-443-8876   PH-203   Credit Recovery Monitor/Core Inst., Middle College  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Hargan, Glenda ghargan@dacc.edu   443-8737   CT-Library   Library Assistant/Technical Services  
Kirby, Jennifer jkirby@dacc.edu   443-8733   CT-Library   Lib Asst Circulation  
Lindemann, Dr. Ruth rlinde@dacc.edu   443-8735   CT-Library   Professor, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian  
Nordheden, Holly hnordhed@dacc.edu   443-8852   CT-015   Professor, Technical Services Librarian  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Wright, Marcie mwright@dacc.edu   443-8574   MM-178   Director, Health Information Technology,  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Anderson, Amber aanderson@dacc.edu   554-1692   MM-284   Math Instructor  
Chen, Dr. Quan qchen@dacc.edu   554-1515   MM-274   Professor, Mathematics/Engineering  
Daily, Beth pbdaily@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Math  
Foreman, Susan sforeman@dacc.edu   443-8817   MM-284   Instructor, Math & Physical Science  
Hardwidge, Mark mhardwidge@dacc.edu   443-8817   MM   Instructor, Math & Physical Science  
Konieczki, Nancy koniecnj@hoopeston.k12.il.us         Part-Time Faculty Math  
Ligler, Chuck cligler@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Math  
Marruffo, Adrian amarruffo@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Math  
Matthews, Kari matthews@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Math  
Rayburn, Eric erayburn@dacc.edu   554-1513   MM-272   Professor, Mathematics  
Thompson, Alan athompsn@dacc.edu   554-1534   MM-276   Professor, Math/Physical Science  
York, Don dyork@dacc.edu   443-8818   MM-274   Professor, Mathematics  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Brown, Dr. Wendy wbrown@dacc.edu   554-1516   MM-280   Instructor, Microbiology  
Dryer, Kylie kdryer@dacc.edu   217-443-8567   MM-123   Coordinator, Fitness Center  
Dunn, Carol cdunn@dacc.edu   443-8796   MM-282   Instructor, Biology-Anatomy & Physiology  
Ekberg, Dean dekberg@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Science  
Gaier, Dr. Abby agaier@dacc.edu   443-8815   MM-272   Instructor, Chemistry  
Huber, Debbie dhuber@dacc.edu   554-1509   MM-123   Instructor, Math  
Huffman, Kristen khuffman@dacc.edu   443-8795   MM-275   Science Lab Technician  
Larson, Marjorie mlarson@dacc.edu   217-554-1520   MM-276   Instructor, Math  
Loveless, Stephanie sloveless@dacc.edu   554-1518   MM-282   Instructor, Biology  
McMahon, Sharon smcmahon@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty - Health  
Oglesby, Stanford soglesby@dacc.edu   554-1677   MM-020   Instructor, Biology  
Oshier, Nancy noshier@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Science  
Poffinbarger, Amanda apoffinbarger@dacc.edu   443-8829   MM-280   Instructor, Anatomy & Physiology  
Potter, Craig potter@dacc.edu   443-8816   MM-165   Professor, Sciences  
Thompson, Tracy tthompson@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Science  

Online Learning Services

Name Email Phone Office Title
Abdelzaher, Dr. Ann aabdelzaher@dacc.edu   443-8586   PH-205   Online Support & Web Technician P/T  
Hoover, Maggie mhoover@dacc.edu   443-8885   PH-205   Professor, Online Learning and Services  

President's Office

Name Email Phone Office Title
Jacobs, Dr. Alice amjacobs@dacc.edu   443-8848   VH-202   President  
Thurman, Kerri kthurman@dacc.edu   443-8850   VH-202   Adm Asst Pres/Sec Brd Trustees  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Nasser, Dawn dnasser@dacc.edu   443-8755   LH-115C   Coordinator, Recruitment  


Name Email Phone Office Title


Name Email Phone Office Title
Evans, April aevans@dacc.edu   217-554-1666   Village Mall   Office Assistant, Small Business Development Center  
Hamilton, Margie mhamilton@dacc.edu   554-1666   VM   Office Assistant, Small Business Development Center  
Nichols, Carol cnichols1@dacc.edu   554-1669   Village Mall   Director, Small Business Development Center  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Commons, Joanna jcommons@dacc.edu   554-1660   MM-182   Professor, Nursing  
Dye, Nicole ndye@dacc.edu   554-1511   MM-182   Instructor, Nursing   
Fellers, Angel afellers@dacc.edu   443-8553   MM-172   Office Assistant, Math, Sciences & Health Professions Division  
Harlow, Patricia pharlow@dacc.edu   554-1602   MM-284   Instructor, Nursing  
Manganaro, Dianne dmanganaro@dacc.edu   443-8812   MM-180   Instructor, Nursing  
McCoy, Erin emccoy@dacc.edu   217-554-1685   MM-180A   Instructor, Nursing, Math, Science &Health Professions  
Ullom, Christine cullom@dacc.edu   217-443-8814   MM176   Director, Nursing Education  
Wille, Phyllis pwille@dacc.edu   554-1512   MM-180A   Instructor, Nursing  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Moore, Kasey kmoore@dacc.edu   554-1652   MM-117A   Instructor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Bello, Jr., Alberto abello@dacc.edu   443-8552   MM-174   Director, Medical Imaging  
Howard, Tamara thoward@dacc.edu   443-8591   MM-118A   Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Moreland, Jamie jellis@dacc.edu   554-1659   MM-117B   Instructor, Echocardiography  


Name Email Phone Office Title
Davis, Angela adavis@dacc.edu   554-1395   MM-123   MASS Director, Math/Science  
Rangel, Isela irangel@dacc.edu   443-8805   MM-169   Administrative Assistant, Math, Sciences & Health Professions Division  
Sturgeon, Kathy ksturgeon@dacc.edu   443-8806   MM-170   Dean, Math/Science/Health Professions Division  

Tractor Trailer

Name Email Phone Office Title
Powell, Pete ppowell@dacc.edu   217-443-8565   TC-147   Coordinator of Tractor Trailer Driver and Public Safety Programs  
Woodward, Lois lwoodward@dacc.edu   443-8565   TC   Training Specialist, Tractor Trailer and Driver's Ed  

Developmental Education

Name Email Phone Office Title
Coate, Phil NONE         Part-Time Faculty Dev Ed  
Crane, Heidi heidilcrane@aol.com         Part-Time Faculty Dev Ed  
Langley, Phillip plangley@dacc.edu   554-1665   CH-204   Instructor, Developmental Education  
Means, Madelyn mmeans@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty- Developmental Ed  
Miller, Patti pmiller@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Dev Ed  
Ramloff, Carol cramloff@dacc.edu         Part-Time Faculty Dev Ed  
Weldon, Barbara bweldon@dacc.edu   443-8732   CH   Instructor, Developmental Education  

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