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Developmental Education

     The Developmental Education department is dedicated to providing students with the basic skills necessary for success in college course work and real-world job settings. We provide instruction in basic college mathematics, basic grammar and writing skills, and reading strategies and study skills.

     These non-degree credit courses offer students the unique opportunity to refresh and/or supplement the essential foundation skills before moving into college credit coursework. Class sizes are limited to 18 to ensure students can receive the help they need to succeed.

     We recognize that not all students come to college with the same level of skills nor do they progress at the same pace. In order to address this serious issue, we have developed basic skills online courses as an optional alternative delivery method for students in the areas of Mathematics; English Grammar and Writing; and Study Skills, Reading Strategies, and Vocabulary Development.

     These courses have been designed in modules, so students can "shop" for the skill building courses that will best suit their needs. Students may choose from 1-4 non-degree credit hour classes. These courses are open entry in order to provide instruction when students need it.

Math Courses | Reading Courses | English Courses

Who Can Benefit

  • Students who need to strengthen academic skills
  • Students who discover"holes" in their knowledge base at mid-term
  • Students who need review prior to important assessment tests
  • Students who find they need to supplement their semester credit hours load

For more information, you may contact:

Phillip Langley
, Lead Instructor, Developmental Education


Stacy Ehmen, Director of Enrollment Services

Developmental Education Division Faculty

Phillip Langley, Lead Instructor
Cannon Hall, Room 204
English grammar and writing instruction
Barbara Weldon
Cannon Hall, Room 214
Basic Mathematics and Pre-Algebra instruction
Phil Coate
Cannon Hall, Room 203
Basic Mathematics instruction
Heidi Crane
Cannon Hall, Room 203
217-443-8750 ext. 311
Reading and Study Skills instruction
Judy Crane
Cannon Hall, Room 203
English grammar instruction
Jane Creason
Cannon Hall, Room 203
English grammar instruction
Deborah Flock
Cannon Hall, Room 203
217-443-8819 ext. 367
English grammar and composition instruction
Laura Hensgen
Reading and Study Skills instruction
William Lindemann
Basic Mathematics instruction
Madelyn Means
English grammar and Reading and Study Skills instruction
Patti Miller
217-443-8750 ext. 347, 217-443-8561
English grammar instruction
Carol Ramloff
217-443-8750 ext. 365
Basic Mathematics and Pre-Algebra instruction
Marie Vanada
Basic Mathematics and English grammar instruction
Rachel Vanada
Basic Mathematics and Reading & Study Skills instruction




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