Coordinated Engineering Program

Coordinated Engineering Program

Program Description

The Coordinated Engineering Baccalaureate Transfer Program at Danville Area Community College (DACC) is a financial aid eligible program. The program provides basic training in the foundational building blocks for engineering: physics and mathematics. Studies are conducted in general areas and are a preparation for a number of fields of advanced specialized study. This program is designed as a transfer program, and completion of the program provides flexibility in transfer to any desired university. The student will also have the choice to obtain an Associate in Engineering.

Mission Statement
The Coordinated Engineering program at DACC prepares the student for transfer to the university of their choice upon graduation. The program will provide the competencies and education necessary to succeed at a university and during their career.

Program Outcomes

  1. Communications – The student will be competent in oral and technical writing skills including scientific reporting, business communications, and presentations using current software.
  2. Critical Thinking (Problem Solving) – The student will competently employ the application of problem solving skills to rigorous mathematical problems including defining the problem, constructing a method if solving, and evaluating the result.
  3. Technology – The student will show familiarity with technology such as computers, current software, and tools used in making engineering measurements.
  4. Social/Teamwork – The student will develop social skills related to working in a team such as defining roles, planning projects, developing reports, and evaluating effectiveness of team work.

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