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Board of Trustees

Pursuant to Illinois Public Act 098-0063 – The Firearms Concealed Carry Act, the carrying of concealed firearms shall not be allowed on any Danville Area Community College property or grounds, in any college buildings or facilities, at any college sponsored event, or within any college vehicle, whether owned or leased, regardless of whether a person is in possession of a concealed carry permit, except as specifically authorized by this policy.  Individuals holding a valid concealed carry permit issued by the State of Illinois, and who are on College property for a legitimate purpose, may store their firearm in a secured container within their locked vehicle (parked in a College parking lot) while they are on campus.

 Law enforcement officers, other government or security personnel authorized to carry a weapon, and retired law enforcement personnel with valid Retired Officer Carry Cards (Under the Federal Retired Officer Carry Act) are exempt from this policy.

 The Danville Area Community College Security Department should be notified of any individual suspected or found to have a firearm on his/her person.  Security officers will determine whether the individual has lawfully recognized authority to carry a concealed firearm on College property.  Danville Area Community College will pursue appropriate disciplinary and/or criminal action against anyone found in violation of this policy.  Nothing in this policy restricts the carrying or use of firearms for the purpose of the instruction or curriculum of an officially recognized program, including, but not limited to, military science or law enforcement training programs.

 In accordance with the Act, signs will be posted at entrance doors stating that the carrying of concealed firearms is prohibited.


Adopted: 7-28-92

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