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Board Policies and Procedures

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Index | Section 4000 - Personnel

Unless otherwise stated, the provisions of this manual apply to all employees of DACC. However, if there are any conflicts between this manual and an employee'scollective bargaining agreement, the collective bargaining agreement shall prevail while it is still in effect.

4000.1 Accommodations for Employees, Students and Visitors with Disabilities
4001 Additional Education
4002 Adjustment to Final Pay
4002.1 Additional Compensation to Contractual Base Salary
4003 Affirmative Action
4003.1 Anti-Harassment in Employment
4003.2 Anti-Harassment in Education
4004 Appointment of the President
4005 Appointment and Assignment of Full-Time Personnel
4006 Appointment and Assignment of Grant Personnel
4007 Appointment and Assignment of Part-Time Personnel
4008 Assignment of Duties
4009 Bereavement Leave
4009.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control
4010 Chronic Communicable Disease Policy
4011 Classified Staff Salary and Placement
4012 Cancelling Classes/Closing the College for Emergencies (including inclement weather)
4012.1 Criminal Background Investigation
4013 Days of Service
4014 Drug-Free Workplace
4015 Employee Assignments
4016 Ethics Policy
4016.1 Student Loan Code of Conduct
4017 Employee Contracts and Notices
4017.5 Employee/Employee, Employee/Student Relationships
4018 Nepotism
4018.1 Employment of Part-Time Adult Education Personnel
4019 Evaluation of Full-Time and Part-Time Employees
4020 Exit Interview
4021 Faculty Teaching Overloads
4022 Faculty Overload Pay
4022.1 Faculty Part-Time Pay
4022.2 Faculty Emeritus Status and Compensation
4023 Failure to Report for Work
4024 Formal Complaint Policy - Non-Represented Employees
4025 Fringe Benefits
4026 Grievance Policy - Faculty and Classified Staff
4027 Holidays
4028 Hours of Work
4028.1 Position Statement on Inclusion
4029 Initial Employment
4030 Jury Duty Leave
4031 Light Duty
4032 Leaves of Absence Without Pay
4033 Leave of Absence Without Pay - Medical Disability
4033.1 Leave of Absence Without Pay - Family and Medical Leave
4034 Medical Examination
4035 Military Leave
4036 Minimum Educational Qualifications for Full-time Faculty
4037 Notice of Vacancies
4038 Oral English Language Proficiency
4038.5 Outside Employment
4039 Overtime
4040 Part-time Pay
4041 Personnel Records
4041.5 Disseminating Employee Information
4042 Persons Employed Away From Danville Area Community College
4043 Probation
4044 Reduction in the Employee Work Force
4045 Reduction in the Number of Full-Time Faculty Members and Academic Support Personnel
4046 Religious Days
4047 Reporting Absences
4048 Resignations
4049 Retirement
4050 Sabbatical Leave
4050.5 Safety Policy Statement
4051 Salary Range Placement and Advancement for Additional Education/Training for Faculty
4052 Sick Leave
4053 Sexual Harassment
4054 Substitute Pay
4055 Suspension or Dismissal for Cause
4055.1 Employee Discipline for Unapproved Leave
4056 Vacation - Administrative and Professional Personnel
4057 Vacation - Classified Staff
4057.1 Vehicle Usage
4058 Working Hours
4059 Mandated Reporter

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