Have Transcript Sent To Another College Or Employer

Have Transcript Sent To Another College Or Employer

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While you are thinking about graduation, you can “pre-order” your final transcripts to be sent to the college you are transferring to or a future employer. You might want to get one for yourself too, for your portfolio, private records, or upcoming job interviews.

Steps to Request a Transcript to be Sent Somewhere:

  1. Log-in to the Jaguar Spot
  2. Go to the Student Menu
  3. Under the “Academic Records” section of the Students Menu, click on the Transcript Request option.
  4. Select the transcript type from the drop down box: UG = Undergraduate coursework – Note: Most classes are found under “UG”
  5. CCE = Corporate & Community Education coursework
  6. Enter the Recipient (who you are sending the transcript to)
  7. Enter the Address of the recipient.
  8. The “Modifier” box will direct the transcript to a specific person/department.
  9. From the drop down box, select how many copies are to be sent.
  10. Click on the SUBMIT button.
  11. View the “Confirmation Form” which verifies your transcript request OR it may ask you to “Verify the Recipient” where you would choose one of the recipients listed. The recipients listed will also have a “None of the Above” option that will send the transcript to the person/organization and address that you noted on the previous transcript request screen.
  12. Click on the SUBMIT button.
  13. You will be taken to the “Pay on My Account” screen where you can pay for the transcript ($3.00 per request) fee.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
DACC Records Office
Vermilion Hall
2000 E. Main Street
Danville, IL 61832
Phone: 217-443-8797
Fax: 217-443-8337
E-mail: records@dacc.edu

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